Privacy Policy


When using the Google Contacts Sync feature of the directory, Accm Apps requests access to your Google account's email address, profile information, openid and full access to your Google contacts. Accm Apps will store a token for a short period of time that will allow it to create contacts in your Google account and store permanently the identifiers of those Google contacts in the Accm Apps database to avoid creating duplicates the next time you sync. Accm Apps will also create a group of contacts in your Google account for you to be able to quickly identify the members that were added to your contacts by the application. The app will also store permanently in its database the identifier of this group to avoid creating it again in the future.

Office 365

Nous utilisons vos infos Office 365 pour déterminer vos permissions dans l'application. Certaines parties de l'application vous ajoutes/enlèves à des groupes.